St. George, UT, USA


Today, because of our growth as the only Hospice Specialist in Southern Utah, we are expanding our team, and have an opportunity for a great Registered Nurse. There are lots of places you can work, find out how working with Pathway Hospice and Palliative Care is different than all of the other options in Southern Utah.

Today is a great day to consider new opportunities.

Overworked? Under appreciated? Facility staff shortages got you down? Feel sometimes like no one cares about what is important? If you are an experienced RN that is competent, and compassionate, reliable and self-motivated, you deserve to enjoy your job, you deserve to feel your efforts are recognized and rewarded. You deserve to have lower stress and the ability to manage your time. You deserve to be part of an organization that wants great care for their patients, provides more services than any other hospice, far more than just the minimum required level of care Medicare requires.

We are the ONLY expansive Palliative Care Provider in Southern Utah. Patients have more options, Nurses have more tools, families have more support, and we all live better lives. 

Nurses are the center of care, but if you've felt you were the only one that cared, we changed that. We are a team, who's goal it is to provide a higher level of care, making the end of life the best it could possibly be.

If that is the kind of team you want to be part of, then give us a call. 435-477-6999

Hospice is different than everything else in healthcare. Let's talk. 

Contact us Directly on our website or by phone.

Hospice impacts Patients, but it also has powerful effects on the care giver, the family, the community and it enriches the lives of everyone that works for Pathway Hospice and Palliative Care.

Talk to our staff, and see what they love about their experiences.

Our hospice staff bring confidence, calm, and compassion when it matters most. Hospice Nursing isn't about rushing or pressure, or deadlines it is about comforting, and reassuring, and addressing issues.

It's not about long shifts or hectic schedules, it's about you managing your own schedule while you manage the care of your patients.

If that would be a better way to live your life, then let's talk.435-477-6999

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, PRN


A valid RN License.
Reliable Transportation
A desire to do great things
A love for hospice patients
and a Commitment to improving the Image and the care that Hospice can be.


Bonus Opportunities are abundant.


Hourly Rate Plus trip reimbursement.
Adjustable schedule, your time commitment can be adjusted
Meeting new people that will grow to love you
Be an incredible part of someone's life.

Dental insurance, Disability insurance, Employee discount, Flexible schedule, Free parking, Health insurance, Life insurance, Referral program, Travel reimbursement, Vision insurance


Hospice is responsible for the whole person, responsible for the Family and the Caregiver and we have a broad team of people that enhances everyone lives and create an experience that helps everyone. As part of that team, you the RN you are responsible for the clinical part of the whole. We have two Medical Directors that are actively involved with Pathway and with the patients to ensure that the patient and the family experience the best possible care. Our Medical Directors oversee the clinical care and will provide input and direction, but it is the Registered Nurse who is the "boots on the ground" so you are responsible to collect and share meaningful information, and assess the changing conditions. As a primary player in the Interdisciplinary group, you help determine and execute the plan of care.

You are responsible to attend to the patient as scheduled and as needed beyond the schedule. You, the RN, are the one, when it comes to emergent issues. Falls, changes in condition, and deaths, You will be the one the patient, the family, Pathway and Medicare rely on to be responsive and effective. There is no greater reward as a nurse than being appreciated and recognized for your efforts and abilities.