There are few more meaningful and emotional times in anyone's life than when they are considering what happens at the end of it.

And there are few callings in life that can be more gratifying than being there for someone how is on that path. Hospice Chaplaincy is a special opportunity, and with Pathway it is a great way to find out if you would get the life affirming experiences that add meaning and purpose to our own lives.

This would be a part time, on your time, as slowly as you want, position. This is a Paid Position, unless you want it to be volunteer.

Every person is unique, and Pathway is dedicated to providing the types and levels of care the patient and family want, as they want them. Not everyone is open to that exploration on day 1. As opportunity arise, as people show some interest in exploring the last chapter of their mortal existence, you can decide if you are ready and willing to be there for them. We have Staff Chaplains that will take this on if it not right for you. So we have your back. Your involvement with the patient (and possibly their loved ones) might be a brief encounter, or it could be a longer-term relationship. It might be regularly scheduled, or it might be intermittent. Pathway's goal is the best patient's experience, if you have that goal, we can do great things.

A successful Hospice Chaplain is someone who listens, not someone who tells. The End-Of-Life journey is one of self-discovery, not a programmed tour with a scripted guide. You don't need to know a lot; you need to be available and willing to share and allow the other person to dictate the conversation. We all have a different accumulation of experiences and thoughts that are the foundation of our own belief system. Good Chaplaincy is helping someone find answers from within. There will be many that may rely on you and your understanding, to find their own footing and start to plan and understand.

Can you be emotionally available? Can you support and encourage that person to believe in their own way?

Then we'd like to discuss how we can help you do all you want to do. 435-477-6999


Formal Chaplaincy training or Religious Leadership Experience.
Desire to be a part of people's lives, at a time they may need support and friendship.
The ability to put aside your love for your own spirituality and allow someone else to travel their road of enlightenment.


There are a bounty of Possible Bonuses