St. George, UT, USA


Pathway Hospice and Palliative Care is changing the image of Hospice in Southern Utah. And we are growing. And we are looking for great people to join with us. Allow us to explain what makes us different.

Pathway commits far more resources to Patient Care.

  • We offer more clinical hours per patient week.
That can mean more time to spend with the patient on each visit. Extending the opportunity to develop a relationship and to give a better, more complete, level of care, every time you visit a patient. As a nurse, it means time to fully evaluate, not just the physical conditions but their mental and social issues. Time to just make them feel important and cared for. And as a Hospice Aid, it means time to spend one-on-one with the patient doing things that are important to the patient.

  • We offer a wider array of extra services.
Every Patient is different and we tailor the care to the needs of the patient.
We know that PT, OT and ST may not improve the patient’s physical capabilities, but in hospice they don’t have to, if those services improve the patients outlook, or makes them happy that they aren’t abandoned, we can provide it.
We have found that excellent massage therapy is a great way for some patients to relieve anxiety and stress, and can reduce pain. This can allows the patient to reduce their need for pharmaceuticals and reduces the negative results of that comes from excessive medications.
  • We have an expansive Palliative Program
If you understand that Palliative care is extensive pain management, you aren’t wrong, you just don’t yet know what Palliative Care CAN BE. Palliative Care is anything and EVERYTHING that can alleviate a symptom, or be a comfort. Pain isn’t the only symptom that true Palliative care can address. Every patient is unique and there is a whole world of possible palliative cares that can help that patient enjoy their life. We are open to exploring all of them. Traditional options like pet therapy, aroma therapy, music therapy, or more hands on ones, like foot zoning, acupuncture, or lymphatic massage. Pathway Hospice and Palliative Care will help the patient find the things that work best for them.

  • We support the pursuit of alternative therapies.
Hospice shouldn’t be about giving up, it should be about taking control of the things that we can control and focusing on living the best life possible for as long as possible. We want to encourage hope and happiness. If trying Hyperbaric chambers, or vitamin infusions, or any other possible therapy that someone wants to try, gives them happiness, a sense of purpose, or a feeling of hope, we support that.

  • We provide services for the Caregiver and the Family. This can be an overwhelming time for everyone who loves and is involved in the care of a patient at the end of life.
The caregiver's own life can be exhausting, taking on the full responsibility for another person’s ADLs can be undoable. We can provide services that relieve the caregiver of some of their daily cares. We’ve sent in housekeepers, to bring the home back up to the caregivers standards so they don’t have the weight of that undone task on their shoulders too. We can send Massage therapists to caregiver. Ask us about some of the things we've done for patients and their families.
Every Patient is unique, and every family circumstance is different. We are committed to adapting our plan of care to consider all of that.

  • Great Palliative Care extends and enhances lives.
Study after study has shown that well executed hospice care can extend life. And even more studies have shown that adding a robust palliative care plan to hospice extends lives even more AND makes that life more enjoyable.
Because we focus on providing extensive palliative care, in addition to the highest level of clinical care, our patients live longer and have more fulfilling lives. Their caregivers and families are happier, more confident in their ability to care, and have far fewer regrets or questions about whether care was appropriate.
Because our clients have great experiences, far more than they expected, we have more opportunities to participate in great experiences. Our Care Team gets to see successes, and meaningful events. We get to be considered a good part of a great life story.
We want more people to have great life experiences, and we often get to share in those experiences because we do Hospice Different.

  • We are Eldercare Radio
Since the beginning COVID we were asked by KDXU (94.9FM and 890AM) the leading news, talk, and information radio station in Southern Utah to host a weekly radio program focused on improving the lives of our seniors. For the past year and half, every Wednesday at 8:30am, we have shared our experiences, our hopes, and our understanding with the community. We are changing what people think of hospice. We are introducing an entirely different perspective, and the community is receiving it.
Many of our referrals come directly from the community, people who understand what hospice could be. They are looking for the best experience and they understand that Pathway’s Brand of Hospice will be a great experience, a meaningful experience, and filled with as much joy as they allow us to pack in.
And the families and the friends and the neighbors, all have seen a better experience than they had expected, and they share that knowledge with their friends and family and neighbors. We are growing. We are expanding, and we are doing that through honest uncompensated referrals.
As we grow and move forward, we are raising the community’s expectations of Hospice and ultimately of Hospice Providers.
  • If you want to find out if Pathway Hospice and Palliative Care really is different? Call us. We’ll gladly share with you our vision of what hospice could be.
  • If you already love working in hospice and would like more for your patients, and want to provide that care earlier and more effectively? Give us a call.
  • If you are a nurse that wishes more resources at hand to improve patient’s lives, and make their lives more enjoyable, we are available, and understand that hospice shouldn’t be just about “dying comfortably”? 435-477-6999
  • If you, as a nurse, haven’t worked in hospice, but have experience, and believe that being an integral part of caring for people at the most critical time in their lives is something you want to consider? Call us.
  • If you want to be part of a team that is supported by doctors that are passionate about great hospice experiences, and want to work with a team of the best in their fields to craft and execute a meaningful care plan that really does make a difference in the Patients life. We want to talk to you.
  • If you are currently employed elsewhere, but want to just test the waters, on a PRN basis, give us a call.
  • If you only want to work part time, but understand the importance of caring for someone that may be in crisis, we can build a place for you.
  • If you know someone that thinks they are happy where they are at, but would be even happier, if they knew what we do? Give them our number 435-477-6999.
  • If you are in Cedar City Enoch, Parowan, or Hurricane, La Verkin and Toquerville, and of course the Saint George Valley, we are increasing our clients in those areas and want to find more great people right now.
  • If you are a nurse in some of the outlying areas, like Enterprise and Veyo, or Hildale, Apple Valley, Springdale, or Beaver, we want to expand in your direction as we find patients, and staff that can provide care. If you will work with us, we’ll work with you to expand this higher level of care into your community.
  • And if you know someone that is not as young as they used to be and is having a hard time with their ADLs, let us provide help. The easiest phone number in Southern Utah. It is just 477 on the left of the dial pad and then 6999 on the right side.
Call us, even if now is not the right time for you to make a change. Let’s talk about how our mutual goals can fit together in the future. We will continue to grow, and will need more passionate staff, as more people become aware that the “Hospice” in Pathway Hospice and Palliative Care is not a scary word. It means hope, it means enjoyment, it is about building meaningful memories.
We will be continuously expanding and that means we will need good people today, and good people in the future, the sooner you let us know that you are interested, the more we can work to build a place designed specifically for you. Whether that is right now or next year. Let’s talk. It is completely private and confidential.

  • We support our staff
Our supplies are broad and deep. We have the resources to provide extended levels of care in the home that exceed standard hospice practices. The supplies for managing surgically implanted devices, to advanced wound care, to enhanced comfort products like Coccyx cushions, bed wedges, or humidifiers, we keep those in stock.
We can adapt to individual staff needs. We believe in Mutual Reliability. If we can rely on you to represent our company well, then we want you to be able to rely on us to support you when you need it.
We know that Hospice can create emotional moments, we will be there to share the great ones and the hard ones.
We are all on the same team and we work together. We are united in our purpose. That means we support and encourage each other.

  • That is a little about us. Tell us about you
What are your passions, and your specialties? What do you see as your best gifts that you can give to patients through hospice. And don’t be afraid of telling us where you are less confident. We are a team, and we all want to strive to improve. We train, we take on challenges, we expand our care potential, and we grow, I’ll be the first to admit that there is knowledge and there are people that are better informed than I, and I look forward to growing and learning even in the areas that I specialize. We hope you feel the same way.
Tell us what you want. Pay rate and hours, sure, but what about your employment life? What are the important goals and standards that you want to have when providing your best efforts to the care of people in their homes, wherever they call home?


A valid RN License.
Reliable Transportation
A desire to do great things
A love for hospice patients
and a Commitment to improving the Image and the care that hospice can be.



Hourly Rate and trip reimbursement.
Adjustable schedule, your time commitment can be adjusted
Meeting new people that will grow to love you
Be an incredible part of someone's life.

Dental insurance, Disability insurance, Employee discount, Flexible schedule, Free parking, Health insurance, Life insurance, Referral program, Travel reimbursement, Vision insurance